Answers to Critter Cooler Shopper Questions

How many inches off the ground is the water tray? Wondering whether it's low enough for cats to use as a cat water fountain? Answer:

Top of tray is 7 inches off the floor. Our cats have no problem. Kittens may need a step to reach. By Jerry W. Rapp on August 21, 2014

Why would you buy this from Amazon when it's cheaper to buy directly from the manufacturer? Answer:

You can choose your vendor. Regardless, the manufacturer is involved and always answers questions. By Sunny Parker on January 30,2019

Do you have to use the wheels? I have Great Danes and need it raised off the floor higher. Answer:

I did not use the wheels. I have mine on a podium for my Springer Spaniel. Be sure to use the vasoline on the lid o-ring to get a good seal. I love mine, with very little maintenance , it's worked like new 2 years. By Betty Holm on March 18, 2018

Is it possible to clean the dish without emptying the tank? My dogs always get the dish dirty. Answer:

Yes, absolutely, the dish has a drain plug in it. Just turn the red handle off, keep the lid on, drain dirt out, replace plug and turn handle to open position. That's it!  By: Debra Mellon on August 11, 2014

Do the wheels lock? Answer:

YES, the wheels lock! It is an awesome water dispenser. I have two! By: Eileen on October 12, 2018

The material notes a gravity fill, does the bowl fill automatically? How does the mechanism work? Answer:

Yes, the water fills automatically. It does this by physics. P_1=P_0-\rho\.H Now according to the laws of pressure, the pressure at the water level must be the same everywhere, whether its' inside the water reservoir or outside. And that must be equal to the atmospheric pressure. Therefore, the pressure of the column+air column inside the reservoir must be equal to the atmospheric pressure. OR once the water level touches the hole, air from outside can't go inside and therefore there is nothing to displace the water. By T. Stone on March 20, 2019

Does this work for large dogs? My dog is 170lbs? Answer:

We have 10 dogs ranging from15 to 150lbs and it works great. We got the 6.5 gallon but we still refill every 3 days or so. We love it! By Carol Walls on April 2, 2015

Where can I purchase replacement o-rings for the 5-gallon dispenser? Answer

All replacement parts can be ordered from the manufacturer: By Sally Hickman on June 4, 2016

I have a teacup piglet who loves to tip over her water dish. Will she be able to overturn this? Answer:

I don't think so, our 65lb Shepherd mix didn't knock it over unless it was completely empty and the brakes work well. By Stephanie on July 7, 2015

My dogs have chewed up every other dish and bowl we have gotten. Is this chew proof? Answer:

I don't know that I can say that it' chew proof, but my 6 dogs did the same and it's still standing. By Jaxx on May 26, 2016

Is this splash proof because it's raised? or is it susceptible to "flooding" from a large dog drinking? Also can the cats reach it? Answer:

The bowl is large and the water level is about an inch from the top of the bowl so the spill is minimal. There is a drain plug for easy cleaning if you use it outside. I also built a base for it, don't use the wheels. Your cats will have no problem reaching the bowl. The top lip is about 7 inches high. By Betty Holm on July 23, 2017

How often is it suggested to clean? Answer:

It will depend on how hard the water is and the weather. In NM it is so hot and there is little shade and needs to be cleaned about every 3-5 days. It's pretty easy to clean, I put ice in it in the mornings and cover with the thermal cover, water stays cold all day. By Sherry Norwood on February 17, 2016

Does this make any "burping" noises when water is being refilled as the dogs drink? Answer:

I have 3 pugs using the 5-gallon and I have not heard a "burping" noise ever. It's very quiet when you fill it and turn the water on. Had mine for 2 years with no problems. Very happy with this. By Cookie, Olive, Sadie, Stella on June 22, 2015

I have three 7-month old, 80lb plus puppies that are very destructive, will this hold up to their shenanigans? Answer:

Well no guarantees. I have a 90lb puppy and he has not been able to destroy it. By Lacey D. Spriggs on September 21, 2016

I need more rubber o-rings for the lid. Where can I get those? Answer:

Contact the manufacturer, they will help you. By L. Mathews on September 30, 2017

I just got a newfoundland puppy who loves to play in our large gravity fed water bowl. How well does the waterer work if you have a water dog? Answer:

I have 4 cocker spanials and it works fine. The wheels lock so it can't be batted around. It has a spout that could get chewed but it seems durable. You can always order parts from Critter Concepts. You don't have re-buy the whole thing if they eat the water valve, I think they are $8 to replace. By Karen Flynn on March 9, 2016

What is the size of this? Don't know if it will fit under my counter. Answer:

The length is 17" front to back, width is 11" and the height of the 3.5 gallon is 17" the height of the 5.0g is 21" and the 6.5g is 24" and thats with the wheels on. 3" shorter with the wheels off' By Critter Concepts, Amazon Seller on March 30,2015

I have a livestock guardian dog who loves to play in the water buckets. This seems like a good solution during warm weather in the barn. Be good for the chicken coop as well. Answer:

I have a husky malamute who loves to splash water from his dish all over, he is unable make a mess with this water system. By Tina H. on September 12, 2019

Do they sell parts for this product? Answer:

You can order parts from the company that makes them. Contact them on thier website. And the company has videos that show the parts and how it works.It works quite well for my kennel. It's easy to put together, I take mine when I go to shows. By T. Bertagnolli on February 26, 2015

Hoping to use this in my house with 4 German Shepherds, 5 or 6.5 gallon? Doesn't seem to be much of a difference. Dogs spill thier water bowl now! Spend all day filling water bowls. Answer:

I have a Lab-Pit mix, 2 Aussie Shepherd, a 75lb German Shepherd and a Husky. I have a 5 gal and refill every 3 days or so depending on how hot it gets. (I'm in AZ) if that is too much for you go a size up. Product is wonderful. Company calls you back. It has wheels so it's easy to move. By Jaxx on May 4. 2016

Objectively speaking, what can justify the roughly 5X price difference of similar products? Answer:

I felt the same until I had 7 broken gravity feeders in my garage so I found that I ended up spending more with those other feeders. Depends what you want. This product has lasted me 3 years with little care  Saw them at my daycare, they got 7 and swear by them. By M. Krainbell on June 22, 2-15














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