Assembly and New User FAQ Video

1. **Insert the wheels** onto the base unit.
2. If a wheel falls out, expand the **choke ring**as shown.
3. Place the **medium o-ring** inside the base unit. align with container.
4. If purchased, place **optional plastic insert** into the bowl.
5. Insert the **threaded valve** into the tank with the small o-ring.
6. Inside the tank, place the **small o-ring** and flat washer, then hand tighten.
7. Ensure the red handle is in the **off position**.
8. Fill the container with water and **close the lid properly**. This step is crucial for a good, airtight seal. Remember to change the lid o-ring periodically. Even NEW o-rings can have a defect. Call or email and I can walk you through the set up. 877-6-Big-Dog or

Tips for sealing the lid effectively:
1. Stand over the container and place both hands on the lid.
2. Apply a little downward pressure and turn the lid **counter-clockwise** until you hear and feel two distinct clicks (threads falling into place).
3. Then, turn the lid **clockwise to close**. Do not over-tighten; just make it snug.
    WATCH the Video, for all the other tricks and call  877-6-Big-Dog
    if you have any questions.  Video at bottom of this page.

    FAQ Video