Why Upgrade the Dog Kennel?

Add to the Dog Kennel Water Insulation, Style or Convenience

Critter Concepts has created a few optional items to add to your dog kennel automatic pet waterer.

The Chiller Cover protects the food grade water reservoir with a thermal cover from the hot sun and is the most popular upgrade. The chiller cover is a 3/16-inch laminated, metalized bubble cover that reflects the sun's rays, helping keep the water container cool.
The Heavy Duty (HD) cover is tear resistant and made of marine grade canvas, better protection from chewers. And if you or your significant other have differing ideas of "beauty" in a large dog watering station, the printed covers are pretty and may help. The HD and printed covers are both sized to fit over the Chiller Cover. So you can get both if you so choose.
The replaceable dog water bowl plastic insert is made from food grade plastic. Some pet owners do not have the time to properly clean the water bowl as needed. For those people we have developed this tray insert that can be replaced every few weeks to maintain a hygienic dog water bowl. And the slobber saucer is to catch the condensation that may drip down the sides of the bowl.