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How to keep your Dog's Water Bowl Cool in the Heat

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Dog's Water stays cool when insulated from the 115'  sun.

The most popular Critter Cooler add-on is the thermal cover that goes over the water reservoir, reflecting the suns heat, the "Chiller Cover".

The chiller cover is a 3/16 inch laminated, metalized bubble cover that reflects the sun's rays, helping keep the water container cool  In the morning put a frozen gallon of water or ice block in the Critter Cooler dog fountain like a big ice cube, cover with the thermal cover and the fresh water stays about 40' in the dog bowl all day. Next morning, rinse and repeat with a second frozen block of ice. Your furry friend will love it, drink more and stay hydrated on those hot days. And the cool. clean water helps inhibits the  algae growth, which thrive in warm water.

And if you have a "Chewer" you may also consider a Heavy Duty cover, also sold separately, which will slip over the Chiller Cover. It is made of marine grade canvas and it is much more chew and tear resistant than the Chiller Cover.. It's the blue cover shown and fits over the Chiller Cover.

It is highly recommended that you clean the entire water station at least once a week to maintain a healthy and hygienic dog water bowl, especially in the summer months. Most doggie day-cares clean and sanitize every day.