Critter Cooler Story

A Large Dog Water Bowl, Easy to Fill?

Yes! Still strugglng with heavy 5-gallon pet water fountains? Tired of aiming for tiny holes and battling algae? Introducing the Critter Cooler automatic pet water dispenser—a hassle-free solution. Refill effortlessly, no more back strain or frustration. Say goodbye to the old large water dispensers' hassle and hello to convenience with Critter Cooler."

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The Best Elevated Dog Bowl is easy to Move and Clean?

Our Critter Coolers with 3-inch locking wheels make mobility easy, even for our 6.5-gallon model weighing 55 lbs.full. Keep your dog's water bowl clean with elevated bowls and convenient drain plugs. No more waiting for the reservoir to empty—just drain, refresh, and ensure clean water without waste.

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Why insulate the Dog Water Bowl from the sun?

Enhance your Critter Cooler for hot climates with the optional 'Chiller Cover.' This reflective cover keeps water cool in 115-degree heat. Simply freeze a jug of water, insert it as an ice cube, and cover with the 'Chiller Cover' for all-day 40-degree water temperature. It promotes hydration and prevents algae growth. Note: 'Chiller Cover' isn't chew-proof; for chewers, opt for the Heavy-Duty Cover, sold separately, to protect it.

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Busy? No time to Clean the Bowl?

Experience the effortless convenience of maintaining a clean and hygienic dog water bowl with this FDA approved Water Tray Insert.

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