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Critter Concepts

Plugs for the Critter Cooler Dog Water Dispenser

Plugs for the Critter Cooler Dog Water Dispenser

"Did your dog eat a plug for your Critter Concepts Dog Water Dispenser? No worries!

There are three different plugs available for your Critter Cooler Automatic Dog Waterer:

1. The white plug is essential for the elevated dog water bowl. Cleaning a dirty dog dish is effortless—simply turn off the water valve, pull the plug, and clean and refresh the bowl.

2. The pink plug is designed for use with the plastic bowl insert. These inserts are perfect for busy pet owners who don't have time to clean the water bowl regularly. Every few weeks, replace the plastic bowl insert for cleanliness.

3. The tiny opaque plug is used for purging when using a Critter Cooler lid with a purge hole. This feature releases the vacuum, making it easier to open the lid. If you need a lid with a purge hole, contact us, and be sure to watch our helpful new user FAQ video."

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